As every day passes, newer technologies offering cost-efficiency and simpler installation methods enter the picture, and one huge hit among them is a fabrication. Our well-trained team at Jukki Infrastructures deals with steel and structural fabrications along all its stages, from manufacturing to welding, from erection & installation to repair and maintenance, all under expert assistance and with high-quality materials and grating plates. Induce energy efficiency and save cost inherently with us.


Our fabrication services extend to a huge array of products including handrails, gates, platforms, gutters, staircases, ladders, grills, storage tanks, rolling shutter doors, trolleys, tents, and stainless steel supports for pillars and frameworks.


We give life to your imagination, with services a notch higher in quality from the rest, trained workmanship, concise turnaround, and accurate timely delivery, for your project on-site.